Did God Just Speak Through My Spaghetti-o’s?

There I was sitting at my kitchen table, just like any other Sunday afternoon. Except this one was different. This would be the first Sunday meal after my fast. I had been going through big changes in my life and I was asking God what I needed to do. I decided to fast from food for an entire week to make sure my heart and mind were clear enough for God to speak to me.

I plopped down in my chair ready to scarf down a bowl of delicious alphabet soup when something strange started to happen. The letters in the soup began to scramble and the broth began to bubble like it was on the stove top. I ducked for cover in a closet because I was not about to be sucked into another dimension when one of those time travel holes pops up out of nowhere. Things finally settled down after a while and when I built up the courage to come out of the closet (not like that) and after a quick change of pants, I glanced at the soup and noticed a sentence.


“What does it mean?” I whispered to myself. If this was God’s way of telling me I’m not a genius, I had that figured out by second grade. More importantly, why would God misspell ‘you’re’? Of course, there are no apostrophes in alphabet soup and ‘youre’ is not a word. I just couldn’t quite grasp the complexity of it all. He does work mysteriously, you know. I was so distracted that I hardly realized that the message had changed while I wasn’t looking.


Okay, that’s definitely something God would tell me to do. Maybe he was telling me this all along and I just wasn’t listening. I felt satisfied with his answer but it left me with a dilemma: Should I eat these words from God? I was really starving! I decided to remind God during my pre-meal prayer that my stomach had been pretty lonely for a week. It needed community. There was no answer so I dined cautiously with the first bite. Nothing happened. That was the best alphabet soup I’d ever had.

In case you’re wondering, the above story is fictional in every sense of the word. First of all, I would shoot a bald eagle before I went a week without eating. Secondly, of course we don’t think God communicates through soup, right?

Or do we?

If you’re of the opinion that God strictly reveals himself propositionally, (in sentence form, i.e. the Bible) then you may be in the minority. We live in a world that is desperately searching for answers from God but doesn’t necessarily know where to look. They search for his voice in songs, look for his face in tortilla chips and ponder his wisdom in the colors of a double rainbow.  All the while he may be sitting on their bookshelf, covered in dust, or at the end of a coffee table, only used occasionally as a coaster.  So let’s make sure we know God’s voice because sometimes those ‘magic brownies’ can be so convincing.


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