The Twilight Zone?

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop…

“Humbly submitted for your approval,”

“Earth.  A mere blot on the vast canvas of space. Home to a peculiar race of beings otherwise known as humans. These humans lead simple lives; they work, they play, they rest. But buried deep inside them are complexities that no mortal can explain. Some love, some hate. Some are selfless, others covet. These desires are manifested in weakness and kept afloat by fear.  The virtues give us a glimpse of a world that was perhaps meant to be. However, for this tiny blue rock, destruction and expiration are its destiny. If only they knew. If only it could be saved. This is the Twilight Zone.”

“It was a world of humble beginnings, starting in the most unlikeliest of places- a garden.”

“Out of this garden sprang the whole of life but perhaps more significantly death was introduced. These humans could never gain an appreciation for life or their Life Giver so they were handed over to death, wiped from the face of existence. But this was not an immediate process. In fact, it was an arduous and tedious process. The mindful ones endured to the end and to them were given the meaning of life. The fools were the most vocal but it seemed the extent of their vocabulary was ‘Why us?’. They grew in number, drowning out any voice that spoke of truth. The Creator was weary of this and was filled with regret. The short-lived era of humans was about to come to an end, or so it seemed. There were a few that found favor and for that they were spared. There always seemed to be that faithful few.”

“So a great, destructive flood covered the earth for 150 days. Only the few were saved. They began to repopulate the earth but it was never quite the same as it was in the garden. After a few years some humans began to take other humans and enslave them even though all of them were equal. The flood may have wiped out the evil people but that evil seed somehow survived.”

“Centuries later some of these humans were led to a mountain to be given a set of rules. These precepts would be exhaustive so every one of them would be able to discern what is right and what is wrong. But even though these humans were cognizant of right and wrong they still continued to do what pleased them and what they felt right in their own minds. So they were granted what they desired-independence. They were allowed to rule themselves and be their own masters. This seemed reasonable if good people were to lead. But all throughout the earth not one good person was found. This vicious narrative continued on…well it continues on to this very day. And it will not stop until everything fades away and these deceitful humans choke the life out of everything in their sight including themselves. What a sad fate for such a beautiful creation.”

“But something wonderful happened.”

” The Creator of earth and the Creator of man came to destroy evil and death as well as preserve humanity and restore life to as it was before- in the garden. But he did not come in grandeur or splendor. He came as one of these humans. He was Immanuel. The good man that they so desperately longed for had arrived and he brought with him enough goodness for all. These disgusting humans rejected him like they do all that is worthy and sentenced him to death on a tree. But what they didn’t realize is that through this death all life was restored. The ones that recognized this were freed from their evil and allowed to become sons of the Creator. I pity the ones who did not for they remained in their evil and died in their evil. When the right time had come all of the faithful entered into the palace of the Creator and gathered to the middle where a garden had been planted. It only seemed right that human life begin and end in a garden and the eternal life only begin in a garden.”

“But we know a story this fantastic could never happen. Only in the realm of the Twilight Zone.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Serling?”


” I see.”

” Ladies and gentlemen, what you have just witnessed is not the Twilight Zone. In fact, it is as real as you are. I hope you find this news exciting and cherish the opportunities while you still can. As for me, it seems I am the one who is in the Twilight Zone and would give anything to be with you. But for now, I will be on the lookout for my Messiah here in the Twilight Zone.”